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Research Innovation Fund



In July 2020, the Arab Land Initiative, led by UN-Habitat and the Global Land Tool Network with the financial support from the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany (BMZ), launched the Research Innovation Fund. The Fund addressed students, young professionals, and scholars from the region with the aim of gathering innovative ideas and approaches on land governance-related topics and increasing their engagement in the regional land sector network.

The Urban Training and Studies Institute (UTI / HBRC), a GLTN partner based in Cairo, Egypt, managed the first edition of the Fund, which assessed over eighty research proposals and selected seventeen of them to be developed with the support of a pool of senior reviewers from the Arab Land Initiative’s network. The papers explore a broad range of land-related topics at the country and regional levels. These include land and socio-economic development; women and land; youth and land; land and natural resources; land and climate change; land administration and its functions; land policies, laws and regulations; land-based investment; land markets; monitoring land governance and land tenure security; and innovative land management tools.

All papers are available for download at the links below. For more information write us at


Research Papers

Review of recent events in Lebanon (2011–2020) and their effect on land degradation
Land as a Cash Machine: The case of Lebanon
Land use, land cover changes and the link with groundwater
Enhancing accountability and transparency of public land governance through open access tools like Geoportal
Egyptian slums and land conflict: Pre- and post-slums eviction and relocation land governance challenges
Planning for forced displacement in chronic conflict zones between temporary camps and permanent settlements? The case of Kurdistan region of Iraq
Self-organized communities, urban governance and the city: Lessons learned from Muscat, Oman
Towards a spatial polycentric approach for sustainable land administration in Syria: Social and economic recovery and post-conflict reconstruction strategies
The land before lines: Social unrest and modern land management in former tribal territories
Policy and regulatory constraints to good land governance in Upper Egypt: The case study of Aswan – New Aswan
Eviction policies and their impact on the city: The Maspero triangle as a case study (Arabic)
Feasibility of market value as criterion for fair compensation: Expropriation in ancient Cairo (Arabic)
Socio-economic relations in markets: The state of the Souika market (Arabic)
Saudi Arabia
Traumatisme des projets de redéveloppement urbain (French)
La spoliation foncière dans les médias au Maroc (French)
Land problems and disputes in Yemen
Impact de la bonne gouvernance foncière sur la prévention des conflits tribaux (French)