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On 7 December 2022, UN-Habitat and the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) conducted workshop with key UN-Habitat and GLTN partners working on housing, land and property rights (HLP) issues to review the approach used and the results reached through the project Safeguarding evidence of housing, land and property rights of Syrian refugees in Iraq and Lebanon. The event was held in Beirut, and it was attended by 25 representatives from UN-Habitat, GLTN, GIZ, NRC, UNHCR, IOM, and the implementing organizations in Lebanon, SAWA, PARD and UTOPIA.

During the workshop, the project personnel from UN-Habitat and the Global Land Tool Network provided an overview of the project background, scope and approach. Participants had the opportunity to learn more about the use of the Social Tenure Domani Model (STDM) - a pro-poor, participatory and affordable land tool for recording people to land relationships along the continuum of land rights - for mapping and georeferencing the HLP rights of people in displacement. The results achieved through the project and a preliminary analysis of the data collected were also presented together with the challenges encountered and lessons learnt.

Following the review of the project, the workshop provided a space for representatives from UNHCR, NRC and IOM to present the HLP-related work they are carrying out within the context of the Syrian crisis response and discuss possible synergies for further upscaling of the project activities.

Visit the project page to learn more about its scope and approach.