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Founded in 1989, the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies is an independently managed, non-partisan, non-profit, non-governmental think tank whose mission is to produce and advocate policies that improve governance in Lebanon and the Arab region. Currently, LCPS has six primary research and advocacy focuses: improving political representation; strengthening decentralization; advocating for a transparent oil and gas sector; supporting policies to create jobs; enhancing stability; and empowering the youth. To better inform policymaker and the wider public, LCPS has produced books, policy papers, briefs and articles on issues such as electoral laws, political parties, sectarianism, administrative reforms, rule of law, decentralization, economic growth, budget and fiscal policy, industry and trade, energy and the environment. Additionally, LCPS has provided a platform for debate by convening over 145 conferences and workshops in Beirut and various Arab capitals to address a range of national and regional issues.