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In a world scarred by conflicts and the impact of climate change, the issue of forced displacement has never been more pressing. Millions of individuals and families are uprooted from their homes, uncertain about where they will live and whether they will ever return. This profound crisis calls for global solidarity and concrete actions to support the rights to adequate housing and secure access to land. The Global Refugee Forum (GRF), that will take place between 13-15 December in Geneva, presents a unique opportunity for individuals, organizations, and governments to make a difference by pledging their support for Housing, Land, and Property (HLP) rights.

In response to this issue, UN-Habitat, UNHCR and NRC joined forces to develop a multistakeholder HLP pledge aiming to define a more predictable, equitable and sustainable system of response to the housing, land and property challenges facing refugees, returnees and their host communities and to increase the proportion of forcibly displaced women, children and men with secure access to housing, land and property. The pledge builds upon the many promising practices that reinforce adequate housing as a human right and secure access to land as an enabler of durable solutions and long-term development outcomes.

By pledging support for HLP rights at the Global Refugee Forum, you can make commitments in five Key Areas of Focus:

  1. Restitution of housing, land, and properties

  2. Documentation of tenure rights to housing, land, and properties

  3. Comprehensive strategies to secure housing, land and property rights

  4. Material support for HLP initiatives 

  5. Technical support for HLP initiatives 

The HLP pledge provides an actionable framework for change, and your participation can make a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by displacement. Let's join forces for a brighter future and a more inclusive world. 

Find out more about how to join our HLP pledge on the pledge website at

For more guidance on the event, you can download the document below :