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The Land Forum, “Remedies for Climate Change and Conflict-induced Displacement the in MENA Region”, is set to take place in Istanbul on June 12–13,  2024, and will be dedicated to empowering civil society and addressing habitat-related human rights issues in the Middle East and North Africa. Organized by HIC-HLRN (Habitat International Coalition - Housing and Land Rights Network), the forum aims to develop regional strategies for addressing key issues, including:

  1. Costs, loss and damage associated with climate change, by addressing the financial and human impacts of climate change, particularly as they affect vulnerable communities in the MENA region.

  2. Housing, Land, and Property (HLP) restitution, by reviewing current regional displacement trends, approaches, and challenges to documenting HLP rights claims and to HLP restitution, focusing on refugees and displaced persons.  

The expected outcomes of the forum, particularly the updated Action Plan developed in collaboration with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), will play a vital role in boosting advocacy efforts and promoting positive changes across the region. 

For more information, download the concept note and the agenda of the Forum, in English Arabic, enclosed below. 

To request the ZOOM link for online attendance please contact:

Mr. Joseph Schechla:

Mr. Ahmed Mansour: