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The Urban Training and Studies Institute 'UTI' affiliated to Housing and Building National Research Center 'HBRC', Ministry of Housing in collaboration with Global Land Tool Network 'GLTN', will hold a workshop about “Developing the Curricula on Land Governance in The Arab Region”. The workshop is being organised as part of an Agreement of Cooperation, signed between UN-Habitat/ Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) and the Urban Training and Studies Institute (UTI), under a broader programme on promoting good land governance in the Arab region - funded by the German BMZ.

The aim of this three-days regional workshop is to identify and analyse the gaps in the available land curricula in the Arab region. It will be an opportunity to discuss potentials to fill the identified gaps towards better utilization of the curricula and to bring together the representatives of existing land-focused networks in order to improve mode for scaling up land education and create synergies among these focal points in the Arab region.


The workshop will bring together experts with different professional backgrounds, including academics, land experts, and civil society organisations, etc.

The workshop will be conducted for three days from Nov. 2-4, 2021 in Cairo, Egypt. The main language of the event will be English and the majority of the participants will attend in-person.