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A workshop on “Developing the Curricula on Land Governance in The Arab Region” was successfully organized by the Urban Training and Studies Institute 'UTI' affiliated to Housing and Building National Research Center 'HBRC', Ministry of Housing in collaboration with Global Land Tool Network 'GLTN'. The workshop was held as part of an Agreement of Cooperation, signed between UN-Habitat/ Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) and the Urban Training and Studies Institute (UTI), under a broader programme on promoting good land governance in the Arab region - funded by the German BMZ.

The workshop took place in 2-4 November 2021 in Cairo, Egypt. It brought together 20 experts with different professional backgrounds, including academia, land experts, and UTI consultants, etc. The event was in English and mainly supported in-person attendance with online streaming of some sessions.

The Focus of this event was the topic of capacity development which is a main pillar of the Arab Land Initiative. It comprises of a series of interconnected activities that include: undertaking a capacity needs assessment of land governance in Middle East (ME) & Gulf Regions; reviewing the land governance curricula in the region; and mapping land-governance related courses and institutions in the regions. This include technical schools, universities, public and private organizations offering training and other short courses, government departments, etc. in each country. 

The objectives of this three-days regional workshop were to discuss the work done regarding the capacity assessment: outcomes, lessons and way forward; Present the work done and the analysis of the learning offer: outcomes, lessons and way forward; Discuss the gaps in the land curricula at national, sub regional and regional levels and recommendations on how to fill the gaps identified; and Discuss how existing land networks can support the way forward.

The meeting had open and structured discussions among the participants and it included plenary sessions, presentations, panel discussions and small group exercises and discussions. The outcomes of the workshop encompass common understanding on the available curricula on land governance and of the capacities in the Arab region (national, sub-regional and regional levels) was reached. Also, common understanding on the key elements of a curriculum on land governance was developed. The participants managed to formulate a clear roadmap on how to finalize the capacities’ assessment reports and the analysis and learning offer assessment. Specific list of next steps for UTI and GLTN has been structured to guide future work.  


Concept Note - Workshop Developing Curricula on Land Governance in the Arab Region