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25-26 October 2021, Erbil (Iraq)

Co-organized by UN-Habitat/GLTN, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) concluded the second training event on land governance and women empowerment in the Arab Region, which took place in Erbil, Kurdistan Iraq on the 25-26 of October 2021. This event came as part of their agreement of cooperation with UN-Habitat/GLTN under the “Arab Region Program on Good Land Governance in Support to Inclusive Development, Peace and Stability”, funded by BMZ.

The training was a hybrid event that included 40 Arab and non-Arab land practitioners from 16 different nationalities and practical backgrounds (government, NGOs, Academics, CBOs, individuals).

The training focused on the topic of gender-equitable land governance; governance that recognizes equal rights to land, and addresses the different needs and priorities of women and men. The aim was to discuss definitions and to provide an introduction into the topic, before addressing how to integrate the approach into policies and institutional frameworks through tools developed by GLTN such as the Gender Evaluation Criteria tool. The training also addressed legal and technical challenges in reaching gender-equitable land governance in the different context of the Arab countries and how to create enabling environments for increased access to land for women, how to monitor and evaluate progress, and how to design and create awareness campaigns and communication methods to promote it within different contexts of the Arab Region.

The participants expressed the need for more capacity building programs to help empower women in their countries - each from his/her field of experience - and increase their access to land, since it’s a pillar for economic development in any community and for the realization of their human rights.


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