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The side event on Securing Housing, Land and Property Rights from Emergency Response to Durable Solutions’ that will be held in the occasion of the Global Refugee Forum, presents a tremendous opportunity for UN Member States and other actors to reflect on the strong human rights dimensions of secure access to housing and land for refugee and returnee men, women and children – with an outlook towards creating sustainable pathways to durable solutions and long-term development outcomes. It is therefore a key part of efforts geared toward inspiring renewed political will, resource mobilization and additional in-kind support for addressing tenure-related challenges among forcibly displaced populations and their host communities.

Drawing on the experiences of key State and non-state actors, this event seeks to reinforce an already compelling case for more predictable, equitable, and sustainable systems of response to the housing, land, and property challenges facing refugees, returnees, and their host communities.


  1. To highlight the depth, breadth, drivers, and consequences of insecure tenure on refugee and returnee populations and their host communities;
  2. To demonstrate how comprehensive strategies for securing rights in housing, land and property are fostering resilient communities and enhancing capacity for voluntary return and sustainable reintegration, while establishing pathways to local integration; and
  3. To inspire renewed political interest (at the national and subnational levels), the earmarking of resources (via various financial instruments and technical assistance programmes), and in-kind support for addressing the tenure-related challenges faced by forcibly displaced populations and their host communities.

Online participation:

You can take part in The Global Refugee Forum 2023 through the online platform that has been put in place, to enable you to participate in the the plenary session, parallel high-level events, dialogues, and more. The links are here below:

HLP side event live streaming link: is external 

GRF programme: Programme overview | UNHCR

The Concept Note and the flyer of the HLP side event are available here below.