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Near East and North Africa NENA Land and Water Days were convened in Cairo during 31 March–4 April 2019, to review the progress made in addressing land and water realities and challenges in the region, foster exchange of knowledge and experience among countries and partners, and chart the way forward; considering lessons, new challenges and opportunities for sustainable development.

Technical Session on Land, Fisheries and Water Tenure: Opportunities for Integrated and Inclusive Governance Frameworks

Conveners: IFAD, GLTN/UN-Habitat, FAO

The GLTN/UN-Habitat, FAO and IFAD have accumulated relevant experiences and practices concerning the responsible governance of tenure of land, fisheries and water resources. Through the provision of technical support, investments and implementation of a variety of programs and projects in various countries and regions, these agencies have with government and community partners developed approaches and methodologies to address the land, fisheries and water interface in a comprehensive and sustainable manner. This technical session provided a good opportunity to share and discuss those best practices and lessons learned so that the Conference’s participants benefited from these experiences and also from a clear recognition of challenges still to be addressed. The ultimate objective of this technical session has been to provide inputs for decision makers in the region, to make informed policies and legislation (including institutions) to address the challenges the NENA region countries face concerning the land, fisheries and water nexus.


Land and Water Days 2019 - Brochure

Land and Water Days 2019 - Report