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The Training Guide aims to build awareness among land practitioners on the importance of protecting women's housing, land and property (HLP) rights in fragile contexts, helping them understand the specific challenges faced by women and the implications for their well-being and empowerment. The guide provides foundational information on legal frameworks, policies and best practices related to women's housing, land and property rights in such contexts, enabling land professionals and practitioners without extensive background and specialised technical knowledge on the topic to integrate a gender-responsive approach into their work. 

The guide is organised into five modules, and it is enriched by case studies, information for facilitators and tools to support training events. Module 1 delves into the significance of women’s HLP rights, particularly in fragile contexts. Module 2 explores the main measures protecting women’s HLP rights. Module 3 maps challenges and opportunities regarding women's access to HLP. Module 4 addresses the actions needed to create an enabling environment. Module 5 focus on monitoring progress.

The modules can be used as a reference tool and as source material for training workshops or discussion sessions. The modules can also serve as a toolkit for a dedicated 3–4-day training course.