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For the preparation of the Sub-regional Priority Framework for the FAO Sub-regional Office for the Countries of the Cooperation Council of the Arab States of the Gulf and Yemen (SNGPF),the FAO Sub-regional Office (SNG) carried out an elaborate participatory and inter-disciplinary process. In-depth discussions took place within RNE and SNG on comprehending the FAO’s reform proposals; analyzing the Region’s and Sub-regions’ emerging trends, issues, needs, challenges, constraints and aspirations; and recalling the areas of comparative advantage of FAO in the RNE Region and SNG. The SNGPF takes into consideration the Sub-region’s characteristics, needs, challenges and aspirations; and proposes sub-regional inter-disciplinary priority areas for sustainable management of natural resources, food security, agricultural and rural development.

The document highlights the vision and mission of the SNGPF, and articulates the regional background, significance, components and impact indicators for each strategic priority area. These elements and parameters are specified in an operational and pragmatic manner to facilitate quantification, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and feed-back processes. The SNGPF is a “living document” that evolves over time.

You can download the full report, here below: